Environmental Artist


Why Umbrellas !! I like them!

They are a novelty for me having spent the past 15 years living on a remote very windswept West coast Scottish island.

What I am particularly attracted to is how such a useful functional object can in a moment be blasted, bent and broken by the wind. Its frame distorted beyond repair, fabric ripped and changed by the elements into new forms. This is the essence of my art, the point at which an object becomes litter, forgotten and cast aside.

All the umbrellas in the exhibition are displayed in second - hand frames. They match the objects themselves which have been lying in the streets in bushes, under cars, in bins or skips and have a weathered appearance.

Unfortunately the streets are full of litter, a sad reflection of today’s wasteful society and our obsessive consumerism.

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Jane Rose, Environmental Artist, Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland