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Beach Litter Gallery







  'Ragged Doll'
  'His and Her Slippers'
  'Hotwater Bottle'








  'Cigarette Lighters'
  'Fish Pollutions Sign'
  'Colgate Toothbrushes'
  'Shelf Collection'





colonsay coastal challange




'Flip Flops'


'Coastal Challenge'



Street Litter Gallery


Street Litter






    'Zebra Stripes'   'Clear Yelow'   'HSBC'    







'Spotty'   'Dunlop'   'Rainbow'   'Pink'   'Stripey'

Why Umbrellas  !!  I like them!

They are a novelty for me having spent the past 15 years living on a remote very windswept West coast Scottish island.

What I am particularly attracted to is how such a useful functional object can in a moment be blasted, bent and broken by the wind. Its frame distorted beyond repair, fabric ripped and changed by the elements into new forms. This is the essence of my art, the point at which an object becomes litter, forgotten and cast aside.

All the umbrellas in the exhibition are displayed in second - hand frames. They match the objects themselves which have been lying in the streets in bushes, under cars, in bins or skips and have a weathered appearance.

Unfortunately the streets are full of litter, a sad reflection of today’s wasteful society and our obsessive consumerism.

Bottles with messages






'Bobble in a Bottle'   'Drift Bottle Project'   'Lifeboat Leaflet'   'Newfoundland Message'   'Prayer Message'









        'The Brothers Boat Trips'   'Message from God'   'Greenland Message'

Message in a Bottle.
These are the actual messages in bottles found on the shores of the Isle of Colonsay and are part of a recent exhibition. It is a comment on the large numbers of plastic drinks bottles that are regularly washed in on the tide and the beginning of a campaign to alert the public to the wastefulness of buying water when tap water is free. The cost to the environment to produce and transport bottled water is enormous.

Bobble in a Bottle. Will
Today FM on Irish Radio launched four of these large glass bottles with a figure of the producer of the Ray Darcy show inside, each from different locations off the coast of Ireland, as a challenge to follow their journeys. The bottles were fitted with Eztrack GPS. This bottle landed on Colonsay and the artist was interviewed live on the Programme describing how and where it was found.

Drift Bottle Project.
These bottles were launched by students making a trip from Iceland, around the southern tip of Greenland, to Canada. Their programme Students on Ice in conjunction with Fisheries and Oceans are using these bottles to look at surface circulation in the North Atlantic. Launched August 2011 and found February 2012.

Lifeboat Station Arranmore County Donegal . Ireland
A leaflet was enclosed stating when and where it was launched and offering a small reward if returned ! 

Newfoundland Message
A child on a Summer Camp threw this bottle overboard from a fishing boat. The work includes correspondence from the child’s family who were very excited about the bottles journey across the Atlantic.

Prayer Message
Hand written on rough paper this is a very long repetitive prayer asking for Gods help.

The Brothers Boat Trips.
A sticker advertising the pleasure and Deep Sea Angling trips had the message written on it. The boat was based in Portrush N. Ireland

William Mairs. Message from God.
There were many of these bottles drifting across from Ireland with a religious leaflet inside. A letter was sent to the writer pointing out the unnecessary littering. None have been found since!

Message from Geenland
Sent by a Herluf Boussen it is written in Kalaallisut the official Greenland language, an Inuit dialect. Not yet been translated but was written on 20/9/2011



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