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Drink Tap Water Not Bottled

I decided to start a campaign relating to bottled water. ‘Drink Tap Water Not Bottled’.

One of the most common pieces of litter on the tideline is a plastic drinks bottle. Being plastic it pollutes the environment for years slowly breaking down into tiny microscopic fragments which join the sand on the seabed. Microplastics can enter the food chain through the fish that we eat. The long term affect upon humans is yet to be determined.

With recent publicity through the media there is much more public awareness and concern about our vast reliance upon single use plastic. Hopefully the government will bring in some form of legislation such as a tax on bottled water.

Where to refill your reusable water bottle. Follow this link

Plastic Bottle litter on Colonsay

Drink Tap Water Not Bottled Campaign

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Jane Rose, Environmental Artist, Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland